WILD Action News is a series of K-2 reading level chapter books from Rourke Educational Media.

Each book in the series tells the story of a main animal character looking to find a newsworthy 'scoop' while giving interviews and facts about their species and native environment!

Each book in the series features a wraparound cover and over 20 interior illustrations ranging from spots to spreads to full page illustrations. For this book series I was tasked with creating scenes featuring each animal main character in their native environment while giving each animal attributes and mannerisms that would label them as a 'reporter'.

This aspect allowed me to brainstorm creative reporter accessories for each animal such as waterproof ID badges and packs for Capybara and Penguin that live in more aquatic environments.
In Reporter to the Rescue Bald Eagle looks to find the scoop on a mysterious roar coming from somewhere in the forest. 

In this book I researched bald eagles and their environment and may have also fallen down a rabbit-hole of watching North American wildlife series on YouTube during my research.

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Focus, Fennec Fox! tells the story of a Fennec fox tasked with covering a camel beauty pageant in their desert environment!

Researching Fennec foxes and their environment was an extremely cute experience! Researching about camel spiders was a bit more difficult (I don't like spiders very much) but ultimately lead to learning some interesting spider facts.

In Cheetah Chases the Story, animals are leaving the wildlife preserve and it's up to Cheetah to navigate the dangers of the savannah to find out why!

An interesting cheetah fact I learned in my research is that cheetahs are the only species of large wild cat that cannot roar! Instead of roaring cheetahs make adorable 'chirping' sounds along with other vocalizations (including purring). 

Capybara's Close Call features Capybara on the hunt for a story after hearing loud yelling throughout the rainforest 

While researching this 

Penguin Presses On!!!

Penguin Presses On tells the story of a Gentoo Penguin looking to find the newsworthy scoop about a missing baby blue whale in their native Antarctic environment

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